February 27, 2019

Please post general questions and comments here!

If you have a question or comment about a particular blog post, please enter that into the comments section of the particular blog post. Your comment (or question) will not show up immediately because i have set up the blog in a way that all comments are sent to an inbox. Only comments I approve will show up.

Please put any general questions and comments about general topics involving Indian music, blogging, and transferring vinyl and cassettes into the comments of this post.

I am going to attempt to date this so that it is always just beneath the most recent of my posts -- hopefully I can do that.

And lastly, THANK YOU for reading my blog and listening to this wonderful music!


  1. Thank YOU for your kind shares of this wonderful music. Always a welcome treat to our days. Gracias, Danke, Merci. Look forward to your posts of music and thoughts. pburton

  2. Thank you sir for the musical ambrosia your blog has been providing.

    A (Genuinely) Rare Treasure: Links to Music Pakistan box set


    this is a great treasure of Hindustani & folk music containg 48 CDs.

    Please enjoy it!

    1. That is REALLY great news. I have of course been folllwong your excellent blog for quite some time and have downloaded a few of those discs. I have hoped beyond hope that you would one day post links to all of them

      Thanks so much. I am certain there are thousands of hours (or probably quite a bit more than that) of music in various archives in Pakistan which may never see the light of day. They may disintegrate or be intentionally destroyed by deluded groups. Your efforts will likely represent the best hope for these CDs to remain available to music lovers everywhere.

      To my readers: in the strongest possible terms, I encourage you to head over to the harmonium blog and download these amazing performances!

  3. Thanks So much sir,
    There seems some slight mixup somewhere.

    Actually I am no more than a visitor to Harmonium blog and other similar blogs (yours included).

    But Mr Nate Rabe, who runs the Harmonium blog, richly deserves your thanks.

    two cheers to Mr. Nate Rabe

    1. Ah, very good, thanks for clearing that up. But I do want to sincerely thank you for letting me know that the Harmoniun blog is finally posting this set!

    2. Thats my pleasure sir.

      I have some old tape casettes. But no tape casette player!! The one I had, stopped working long ago. Is it possible to digitise them, and share them on blogs? I dont know how to do it. and also I dont know if there might be some copyright issues.

      I will make a list of the casettes and post it.
      Thank u very much

  4. Hi Richard - many thanks for all the wonderful vinyl you have shared so far. Since you have posted a couple rare EPs, I thought you may be interested in this - https://youtu.be/HnabdBXiJkY

  5. Hi unable to open adrive . Please let me know how to contact you

    1. I am aware that lately there has been some issues with connecting to adrive. It does not seem to be affecting all posts. Please let me know which one(s) you are having trouble downloading and I will look into it. If I can’t make it work I will contact adrive and see if I can get an answer thank you!

  6. Hi,

    I'm interested in traditional and folk music and I've discovered that in this musical collage of 1974 ("Ethika fon ethica" by Franco Battiato):


    there are various traditional music present in the album "Music Of The World's Peoples (Volume One)" of 1951 but I couldn't identify other tracks not present in that album, one is present in the moments 3:15-3:25 (maybe it's an oriental music, probably Indian or Japanese, with a superimposed piano).

    Can you please identify the track? It is an indian music? If you don't know, can you suggest other people who can help me identify these pieces?

    Thank you
    Best regards