December 17, 2019

MS Subbulakshmi: Mela-Raga-Malika-Chakra [HTCS 03B 3346] a cassette recorded and released in India in 1989

Here is a lovely Carnatic vocal cassette featuring Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi (16 September 1916 – 11 December 2004) singing a composition by Maha Vaidyanatha Sivan (1844-93) which incorporates all 72 ragas in the Carnatic system, as explained in the liner notes.

It may have occurred to some of my readers that almost all of the Carnatic music on this blog is from cassette. That's because Indian-made LPs of Carnatic music are extremely rare. Online dealers and websites selling Indian music are predominantly selling Hindustani music. Several years ago I purchased several big boxes of cassettes from Shrimatis in Berkeley, CA before they closed their doors and these are what I have been posting. Records from western labels such as World Pacific and Oriental are easier to obtain. 

Transfer: Nakamichi ZX-9 cassette deck, extensively refurbished and rebuilt to "better than new" state by Willi Hermann
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Sony PCM-M10 at 24bit/96kHz resolution
Software: Audacity and xAct.
Monitoring: Focal Spirit One headphones


24bit, 96kHz FLAC files (1.3 GB)
highest resolution files I am capable of producing

after decoding to WAV files, these can be burned to CDR
highest quality mp3 files possible