May 5, 2015

Kartick Kumar - Music from India [DG 2726 017] (1968-9)

Here is a 2 LP set from the "DG Privilege" label. It certainly is a privilege to be able to listen to these two LPs of music by sitarist Kartick Kumar. The first LP was originally issued by the Heliodor label [89843] and I am not sure about the original issue of the second LP.

The contents are as follows:

Side 1: Raga Basant Mukhari
Side 2: Raga Marwa and Raga Kafi Dhun
Side 3: Raga Malkauns
Side 4: Dhun Jhinjhoti and Raga Bhairawi

The tabla accompaniment is by SV Patwardhan.

Preparation: VPI 16.5 cleaning machine
Turntable:  Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Shure M97x
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.

Recorder: Tascam DR-70D at 24bit/44.1kHz resolution
Software: Audacity to normalize and carefully remove a few clicks as well as convert to 16/44.1. xAct was used to convert to FLAC and mp3. "Noise removal" was avoided in order to best preserve the dynamic nuances, instrumental harmonics, and tone quality of the original sound.


  1. Here are two YouTube videos by Indrajit Banerjee, probably Kartick Kumar's most impressive disciple:

  2. Dear Richard,
    this is so amazing. For about 2 weeks I thought about this record. I thought I had it in one of the collections which I sell, but couldn't find it yet. I even was I about to buy it. I have a copy of the Helidor LP and listened a couple of times to it the last 2 weeks and liked it very much. I know the recording for a long time but hardly ever listened to it and it never clicked before, but now it did. Thank you so much.

  3. Glad to be of service, Tawfiq! Your blog has given me many pleasures and treasures and just being able to give you back a little is a good feeling.

    An inside source tells me that one of Kartick Kumar's disciples is doing his best to bring him to the USA sometime next year for a tour. I'll suggest to that disciple that he try to come to Germany as well.

  4. Please have said disciple get ahold of someone from the Indian Music Society of Minnesota, it would be nice to see him perform here if he can make it over to the US. Thanks!


    Please see the links in the body of the post, above.

  6. Thank you again for this addition to my collection.