June 25, 2018

A sad note about the death of GS Sachdev

GS Sachdev, a flautist strongly associated with Ali Akbar Khan, has passed away.

I own several of his LPs and hope to digitize them soon.

Sachdev's playing showed a gravity and soulfulness which is often attempted but not always successfully by younger players... He had a very reserved, serious, and somber approach music and he will be missed.


  1. Very sad news,Sachdev was a brillant and original bansuri player.

  2. RIP Pt G.S.Sachdev. He was a very good musician.

    Richard, your LPs would really be a nice tribute to him !

  3. I got turned on to Sachdev's music thru Deepak Chopra. So for, the only album I have is "Lyrical Grace".

  4. The most beautiful record of Sachdev for me is Raga Bhupali. It was several years ago I was discovering the beauty of the Bansuri, and when I heard his music, it haunted me for days.Thank you for your incredible blog.Done with a lot of love and attention for the details. May this great musician rest in peace.