May 19, 2019

Malini Rajurkar: Pure Classicism At Its Best [ECSD 2933] an LP recorded and released in India in 1983

For this post we have a wonderful LP by vocalist Malini Rajurkar, who was born in January 1941 in Rajasthan, India. She is an eminent member of the Gwalior Gharana and had at least two LPs released in the late 1970s to early 1980s by EMI.

There are several excellent live (audio) recordings of her on YouTube at the moment and I recommend searching for them. There is a video concert embedded here near the bottom of this post.

Equipment used in transfer:
Preparation: Ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes in water with a few drops of Triton X-100 added, then for 10 minutes in pure clean water.
Turntable: Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Audio-technica AT440MLb
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Sony PCM-M10 recorder at 24bit/96kHz resolution
Software: Audacity, ClickRepair, and xAct.

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  1. Many thanks Richard for this wonderful share !