January 17, 2015

Welcome to this blog!


My intention for this blog is to post information related to Indian Classical music (ICM); specifically, that music which has been recorded from 1903-1993 and distributed on vinyl LPs and audio cassettes and which is in danger of being lost forever as the master tapes slowly disintegrate and/or go missing.

Occasionally there will be links to other websites and blogs featuring articles on ICM, and also information on current recording and touring activities of musicians.

There will be no ads on this blog. I will not receive any income whatsoever for any activities related to this blog, unless I specifically state otherwise. In fact, quite the opposite --  most of these LPs and cassettes have been purchased by me on the international secondary market at current prices (which are surprisingly high in some cases) and any time spent on the blog is time that I am not able to earn money. It is my honor to help this music survive as long as possible!

Thanks very much for your attention!


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