December 4, 2017

Girija Devi: live recording recorded and broadcast in 2005 on French radio

A little over a month ago, the great Girija Devi died. She lived a long life and was productive and with strong voice up into her 70s, as this live FM broadcast shows.

For some details about Girija, please see this blog entry:

and also this news article:

Girija Devi: voice 
Sunanda Sharma: voice support
Subhen Chatterjee: tabla
Ramesh Mishra: sarangi
Sudha Dutta: tampura

There are three tracks here, two substantial pieces and a brief announcement by the artist.

I am not sure of the pieces, and if anyone can help me with their identification, I would be very much appreciative of their efforts.

In that line, I must thank the user whose name is "zootype" from the torrent tracker Dimeadozen, which is where I obtained this recording. "Dime," as it is affectionately known, is a tracker where live recordings of music can be shared among music fans via what is called "bit torrent" software. Any artist or venue not wishing to be included can request that Dime not offer recordings which feature them. Because the links for these torrents often go quiet after a few weeks, I wanted to post this on my blog and hopefully help preserve this little bit of cultural treasure for a while longer.

Girija Devi and ensemble 
live at Theatre de la Ville, Paris.

broadcast on 2005-12-06 by France Musique FM

01 27:29 
02 stage intro 3:06 
03 21:32 

Total time: 52:30 

(after decoding to WAV, suitable for burning to CD)

(highest possible quality mp3 file; 
suitable for listening on a portable player)


  1. Hi Richard,

    all I want to say is: thank you for all of your work.
    Thank you so much for all these high quality recordings.
    Those posts in 24bit quality with no noticeable noises
    (as far as I can tell) are so awesome. I really appreciate it.
    May you be able to carry on like this for a long time.

    So cheers and wish you all the best.

    A Friend of Indian Classical Music

  2. Hi Richard,

    Many thanks for sharing this concert recording. The two big pieces are as follows :

    The tracks are:
    1) Raga Jaunpuri (27:29)
    3) Raga Bhairavi - Thumri (21:32)


  3. Hi Richard,

    Many thanks for the recording !

    The Tracks are :

    1) Raga Jaunpuri
    2) Intro
    3) Raga Bhairavi - Thumri (Benaras style)


  4. We both had the same idea. I also published this concert on my blog the other day. Your sound quality is better, but I have the details! Keep well!

  5. Thanks, very great singer, one of the last...sadly passed away in 2017, like also Kishori Amonkar