January 17, 2018

(REPOST) M Balamurali Krishna [ECLP 2324] Classical Songs of MBK - an LP recorded and released in India in 1966 (remastered version)

This particular transfer fell off the zippyshare file service (due to a 30-day period of time where no-one downloaded it) and there were several anonymous people requesting a re-upload.

I remastered the original digital transfer, using very gentle setting on "Click Repair." The result should be worth re-downloading and eliminating your old files.


M Balamuralikrishna was born in 1930 and by the age of 8 was singing publicly. He is one of the great Carnatic vocalists of the 20th century and we are lucky to have so many recordings by him. He was not just interested in performing classical and devotional works -- he sang in Indian films regularly between 1957 and 1997. He is still alive and occasionally performs.

This LP is a delightful sample of his work released in 1966. The songs (all in Adi Taal) are as follows:

side 1:
1) Saraguna (raga = Thodi)
2) Mahadeva Sutham (raga = Arabi)
3) Manu Kanna Thalli (raga = Sindu Kannada)
4) Sadhathava Pada (raga = Shanmugapriya)

side 2:
1) Nanupalimpa (raga = Mohanam)
2) Pibare Ramarasam (raga = Ahir Bairavi)
3) Thillana (raga = Brindavani)

Violin: MS Gopalakrishnan
Mridangam: TV Gopalakrishna

One charming thing about this copy is the odd inscription in ink on the back: "Borchers from Subu."

Equipment used in transfer: 
Preparation: Ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes in water, followed by a  quick vacuum drying with a VPI 16.5 cleaning machine
Turntable:  Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Shure M97x
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Edirol R-09HR at 24bit/44.1kHz resolution
Software: Audacity to normalize and carefully remove multiple clicks per side. Conversion to 16/44.1 took place in Audacity. xAct was used to convert to FLAC and mp3. 

(high resolution file)

(after decoding into wav, can be burned to a CD)

(highest quality compressed audio file)


  1. Today is the third anniversary of my first blog post. It seems much longer than three years that I started this venture!

    Thank you to all my readers and thank you to all bloggers who transfer LPs and cassettes so that they can continue to amuse, astound, and enlighten people from around the world. If this is you, I mean it -- Thank you!

  2. Congrats on your third anniversary Richard! Heres hoping that theres a 30th as well.... Keep up the great work of sharing & preserving high quality ethnic music. Not easy work requiring a lot of patience and devotion.

  3. What a pity the file for side 2 is incomplete, only 4:45 instead of around 20 mins. For the rest nothing but praise for this wonderful blog!

    1. Sorry about that Hubert! The problem only affected the 24 bit transfer and this has been corrected. Because the 16bit files are derived directly from the 24 bit files (and the 16 bit files are confirmed to be ok) there must have been an error introduced in the compression process.

      Either way, I thank you for pointing out the problem and can assure everyone that I have downloaded all files as of today, January 18 (just to make sure) and they are all full-length.

  4. Congrats Richard! And thanks for all the uploads.

  5. Congratulations / Happy Anniversary! Since 3 is the magic number, I feel like you're gonna have a great year ahead. Thanks so much for all you do here - you've really helped expand and enhance my enjoyment of this beautiful and complex music.