May 21, 2018

Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain: live in Stockholm, Sweden on 1980-11-15

This second live recording of Ali Akbar Khan's fall 1980 tour is from an FM broadcast of the concert which took place on 1980-11-15. The venue was not specified in the digital transfer I received.

Ali Akbar Khan: sarod
Zakir Hussain: tabla
Mary Johnson: tanpura

Total Time: 46 minutes, 9 seconds

This was certainly not the entire concert and may or may not have been the entire broadcast. It is not clear whether the date I have is of the concert or the broadcast, or both. Once again an audio cassette was transferred and shared by Jack Warner. Thank you, Jack!


  1. Thanks a lot Richard for those 2 AAK concerts with Zakirji, I had already them (grabbed on Dime), and they are great.

  2. Many thanks again to you Richard and also Jack!

  3. Thanks for the concert
    can you please tell me the raga?

  4. Zila Kafi per Tabla Player Raghbir Singh.