May 26, 2018

Nayan Ghosh and Parviz Ayan: Live in Furth, Germany, on 2010-05-06

Please note: the download link is now working correctly. Please see my note in the comments section for details.

Here is the fifth live recording I am sharing this week -- I originally downloaded this from the Dimeadozen live music torrent site.

Maybe one or two more live concerts before I return to the serious business of digital transfers. This is a long holiday weekend in the United States and I hope that there will be some time for me to devote to a few transfers. Probably after I clean out the garage!

Nayan Ghosh: sitar
Parviz Ayan: tabla
at the Kulturforum, Furth, Germany

Excellent audience recording by Thomas Wulf using Soundman OKMII binaural microphones -- listen on headphones for a "you are there" experience. Mr Wulf also designed some lovely CD art if you like to make CDRs from these uploads.

Total time: 119:50 minutes

disc 1 (66:48 minutes)
Tuning and intro (7:50)
Rag Puriya Kalyan
- Alap, Jod and Jhala (25:40)
- Compositions in teentaal (26:33)
Rag Kamod (6:35)

disc 2 (53:04 minutes)
Tuning and intro (2:47)
Rag Charukeshi (19:55)
Rag Khamaj (Thumri alap, Thumri, Dhun) (20:11)
Rag Bhairavi (10:08)

original taper's notes:
"One of the most renowned musicians of Indian classical music came to play a wonderful concert this week. The region had been starving for this for years now..

"It was an amazing evening. His tone and lyrical moods touched our hearts and his virtuosity made quite an impression. He played one long rag with all the explorations and variations. In the second set he played two medium length ragas which were very lyrical and romatic imo. Both sets were concluded by two short ragas.

"In his introduction the artist not only explained the structure of ragas in general and the special properties of the ones he played; he also mentioned how coming back to Germany after 25 years has a nostalgic feeling; it was here that he played his first concerts outside of India..

"He was accompanied by the Munich-based Afghan tabla virtuoso Parviz Ayan; the two had meet earlier that day for the first time and only played a little during the afternoon! Absolutely astonishing!! They were cautious, not to be in each other's way but their perfomance was flawless and very sweet.

"The recording came out very good, I feel, but judge for yourselves!

"As usual: share freely but never for money!

"Covers and labels are included and the tracks are tagged. In time you will also find infos etc on my covers site at\covers "


  1. Dear Richard, the download link refers to the dimeadozen website and I never was able to download from there anything. Could you please create yourself a download link? Many thanks in advance.

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  6. The download link is to dimeadozen torrent site? Is this what was intended?

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    Also, please let me take this opportunity to thank you immensely for all the uploads. You really are spreading treasure all over the world. Very grateful.

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  18. Oh my goodness, everybody! I am so sorry about this! The above link is now working. Let me tell you a story.

    Just recently I stopped getting email notifications for comments posted on my blog, and I was wondering why no one was bothering to make any comments. After awhile, it occurred to me to look in the comment inbox under "comments awaiting moderation." There I saw an enormous number of comments about this post and the download link going to the "dimeadozen" torrent site rather than to the file which is hosted on I had copied the dimeadozen web address in order to paste it into the window that pops up when I provide a link (notice how in the first paragraph of the blog post, Dimeadozen is mentioned and hot-linked). I must have failed to properly copy the adrive link when I thought I was pasting it into the box where I enter the web address of the hot linked word or phrase (in this instance, the name of the file). OK, now i am getting a little confused on how it happened. But it did, and now it is fixed.

    My sincere gratitude to my readers for noticing, and my sincere apologies for not realizing my comment notification was turned off.

    This is a very good recording -- it could easily be professionally released CD. I encourage everyone to download it and listen to it and enjoy.

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