August 23, 2020

Tagore songs over at world music village blog

I have just posted the first of what I hope to be many LPs of songs by Rabindranath Tagore over at one of our sister blogs, World Music Village

Head on over there and enjoy what the world is offering!

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  1. Hey Richard.
    Recently I've been going through Tawfiq's blog( Thanks to your bloglost that I came to know about the new links). There I stumbled upon a Latafat Hussain Khan LP and saw your comment with the iPhone olaying Latafat's LP incident.
    There you also mentioned that you purchased some 40 CDs from Meera Music. I know that you dont post CD rips but if you can please post some Agra Gharana vocals.
    It's that yours is the only active ICM blog that I know of. Earlier there was Tawfiq. But I am just missing Vocal LPs.
    Please if you could post them or any other vocals.
    Thank You.