January 6, 2024

Bismillah Khan: Shehnai Nawaz (EALP 1306) an LP recorded in India in 1966

 Here is another lovely shehnai recital LP by the great Bismillah Khan. It contains a side-long exploration of a late night raga, a light "dhun" and a popular bhajan (devotional song).

Equipment used in this transfer: 
Preparation: Ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes in clean water.
Turntable: Technics SL-1200
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Sound Devices MixPre6ii at 96kHz resolution using 32bit float

Software: AudacityiZotope RX 10 Elements, and xAct

very high resolution lossless FLAC files

these lossless files can be burned to CDR

highest quality lossy mp3 files possible