September 25, 2016

T Viswanathan: South Indian Flute [WPS-21451] an LP released on the World Pacific Label in the US in 1969

Tanjore Viswanathan (born in MadrasIndia, August 13, 1927; died in HartfordConnecticutUnited States, September 10, 2002) was a Carnatic musician specializing in the Carnatic flute and voice. His brother was the mridangam player T. Ranganathan (1925–1987).

This is one of a series of LPs released on the World Pacific label. This label grew out of Pacific Records, which was a jazz label. Although there sometimes was a rare dud in their catalog, in general you can be pretty certain of a high level of musical and production qualities with any World Pacific release.

Side 1:
"Virabhoni" varnam in Raga Bhairavi in Kanda Ata Taal (oddly enough, not the concluding piece) (5:19)
"Garudaghamana" kriti in Raga Nagaswarali in Rupak Taal (14:09)
"Saramaira" song in Raga Behag in Rupak Taal (3:20)

"Etijanmamiti" song by Thyragaraja in Raga Varali in Misra Chapu Taal (16:31)
"Paniyinvintuli" hymn in Raga Senjuruti in Kanda Duruvam Taal

T Viswanathan: flute
V Tyagarajan: violin
T Ranganathan: mridangam
V Nagarajan: kanjira
P Srinivasan: Tarboura
H Hiler: Sruti box

Equipment used in transfer: 
Preparation: Ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes in pure clean water, followed by a quick vacuum drying with a VPI 16.5 cleaning machine
Turntable:  Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Shure M97x
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Sony PCM-M10 at 24bit/44.1kHz resolution

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September 23, 2016

Manik Varma: [EMI ECLP 2313] an LP released in India in 1965

Up next is a solid album from Manik Varma (1926-96) a vocalist from the Kirana gharana which was founded by the great Abdul Karim Khan.

Accompaniment is by violinist VG Jog. The tabla player, as so often was the case in the past, was known only to those in the studio that day.

Side 1:
Raga Jog-Kauns with compositions in slow Ektaal and fast Teentaal

Side 2:
Raga Bhatiyar with compositions in slow Ektaal and fast Teentaal
Thumri in Raga Bhairavi

While transferring this album I noticed that it is in monaural sound -- so the files are half the regular size.

(high resolution audio file)

(standard resolution "CD quality" audio file)

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