September 23, 2016

Manik Varma: [EMI ECLP 2313] an LP released in India in 1965

Up next is a solid album from Manik Varma (1926-96) a vocalist from the Kirana gharana which was founded by the great Abdul Karim Khan.

Accompaniment is by violinist VG Jog. The tabla player, as so often was the case in the past, was known only to those in the studio that day.

Side 1:
Raga Jog-Kauns with compositions in slow Ektaal and fast Teentaal

Side 2:
Raga Bhatiyar with compositions in slow Ektaal and fast Teentaal
Thumri in Raga Bhairavi

While transferring this album I noticed that it is in monaural sound -- so the files are half the regular size.

(high resolution audio file)

(standard resolution "CD quality" audio file)

(highest possible resolution mp3 audio file)


  1. Thanks for uploading beautiful vocal album by Manik verma.
    Plz if possible upload more such rare albums.

  2. Thanks a lot Richard for this rare LP!

  3. It's truly my pleasure, everyone. I had this LP completely transferred a few weeks ago. I struggled to find something different or interesting to say about it; but came up with nothing. That is more my issue than something being wrong with the LP... It is a solid effort by an underrated vocalist with the wonderful VG Jog accompanying with his sensitive and lyrical style. I finally decided I didn't have to small that much this time and would let the music do all the talking for me.

    My random unsolicited advice to everyone today is to look around for ICM on previously owned LP and cassettes -- they are around in record shops and at rummage sales and flea markets.

    And also -- dont be afraid to talk to the musicians after a concert when you get a chance. Sometimes their non-native language skills hold them back from a relaxed and friendly conversation. Sometimes they are tired and are in a hurry to go eat (this happens but it is rare). Sometimes they are transfixed after a concert and aren't able to really interact with others (I have seen this several times). But the majority of the times they are very happy to hear that you have enjoyed their concert and that their music has touched your heart.

    Tonight I went to a very fine concert I heard about only three days ago -- my wife received a last minute e-vite on Facebook. Sometimes you have to have a nimble schedule and a desire to take a chance on a performer you might never have heard of. Say hello to the promoters! Ask to get on their mailing lists!

    Ok, enough (probably obvious) advice. Take care everyone. I feel a south indian flute LP from World Pacific coming soon. I really can feel it coming very soon.. And also more of the stack of LPs my good friend Nels dropped off a few weeks ago. Thank you Nels! You have good taste and have proved that over the past 25 years or so.

    Thank you!

  4. Really nice to see you posting some vocal music, and a great release at that. Thank you.

  5. Pl find out more and give chance to listen.