January 25, 2015

Ram Narayan: Plays Sarangi

Hey there! This post has been superseded by the repost (and remastering of the transfer) here. Thanks for looking back in time!


Ram Narayan was born near Udaipur on the 25th of December 1927. He popularized the sarangi as a solo concert instrument and became the first internationally successful sarangi player.

He moved to Delhi following the partition of India in 1947 and then moved to Mumbai in 1949 to work in Indian cinema. He became a concert solo artist in 1956, and later gave up accompaniment. He was awarded India's second highest civilian honor, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2005.

This is a delightful out of print LP on loan from my friend N.O.

Tabla by Manik Rao Popatkar.

Equipment used in transfer:
Turntable: Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Shure M97x
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.

Recorder: Edirol R-09HR at 24/96 resolution

Software: Audacity to normalize and convert to 16/44.1 as well as xAct to convert to flac and mp3


  1. What a delightful post on your new blog. I wish you many, many more enjoyable postings. Thank you for this LP in lossless, the complete cover scans, and the information of ripping lineage. And what a clean transfer from vinyl to start out with. Thank you, Richard!

  2. Dear Richard,
    thank you very much for your new blog and for this post. These recordings were originally published by EMI India (EASD 1327) in 1968 and republished on CD as "Sound of Tradition" on SAREGAMA (CDNF 150572) in 2004.
    Of the the US edition edition I had no knowledge at all. The sound is much clearer than on the Indian vinyl. Thank you very much for this.
    Hope to see many more posts on your blog.

  3. Great Blog. I am shamelessly announcing that I will download each and every album here. The sound quality is so much better than the old cassettes I have.

  4. All Links expired. Kindly re-upload it.

  5. Hi Richard
    Is there a mix up on the Raga title of Nikhil Banerjee/Anindo Chatterjee posting? It sure sounds like Piloo.
    I'm new to your Blog. I downloaded several rare recordings from your blog.
    Please post Nikhil Banerjee's BBC performance of Raag Kedar, if you got it.
    Thanks again for your great effort to find and post these rare gems!
    Hari Hegde