August 5, 2017

Alathur Brothers: Carnatic Vocal (All India Radio recording) [HTC 03B 8184] A Cassette recorded in India in 1963 and released in India in 1991

The Alathur Brothers, just like the Ramones, were not actually brothers. They consisted of vocalists Sivasubramaniya Iyer (1916-65) and Srinivasa Iyer (1911-80) who trained under Sivasubramaniya's father Alathur Venkatesa Iyer.

This is a recording of a concert broadcast on All India Radio and recorded on April 8, 1963.

Side one:
1 Vidulaku Mrokkeda (raga: Mayamalavagaula; tala: Adi)
2 Rama Neepi raga: Kedaram; tala: Adi)

Side two:
1 Kanta Tava (raga: Athana; tala: Adi)
2 Cherarvademira (raga: Ritigaula; tala: Desadi)
3 Tillana (raga: Behag; tala: Adi)
4 Visveswar Darsan (raga: Sindubhairavi; tala: Rupakam)

TS Tatachar: violin
MS Ramaiah: mridangam
S Seshagiri Das: kanjira

Equipment used in this transfer:
Cassette Deck: Teac W890R (azimuth was carefully adjusted for each side)
Preamp: Parasound PHP 850
Recorder: Edirol R-09HR
Software: Audacity and xAct

(the highest resolution I am capable of producing; 
suitable for a player capable of playing high resolution files)

(after decoding to WAV, suitable for burning to CD)

(highest possible quality mp3 file; 
suitable for listening on a portable player)


  1. Dear Richard,

    First of all my compliments for the wonderful blog you are running! I really enjoy the choice of music you make available. Unfortunately, the two FLAC files for the Alathur brothers posting do not download: when clicking on the links, all I get from Adrive is an html file. I would be grateful for the repair of these links.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Very interesting. i will re-upload and see.

      In the meantime, anyone who has already downloaded the "html" file can do this: change the extension from ".html" to ".zip" and then decompress the zip file and you will get a properly named perfectly functioning audio file and scans.

    2. Ok, I have verified that all three links in the post are working properly and downloading zip files as expected. Thanks for keeping an eye on things,!

  2. It worked well for me! Thanks Richard for a nicer addition to my library! I appreciate your dedication towards making the Indian Classical Music lovers richer each day!



  3. Alathur Brothers with M S Ramaih and Sheshagiri .. Wow. Thank you very much :-)


  4. Richard - in context of this post, you may find these recordings interesting