September 12, 2015

Debabrata Chaudhuri - [SMFP 2101] Meditations in Indian Sitar Music (1968)

Heads up!

Check out the newly remastered and re-uploaded post for this enjoyable LP.

This particular transfer fell of the zippy share file service and there were several anonymous people requesting a re-upload.

I remastered the original digital transfer, using very gentle setting on "Click Repair. The result should be worth re-downloading and eliminating your old files.


  1. Dear Richard,
    I had posted this LP already in 2012, but only as mp3 files.

  2. Very true, Tawfiq. Anyone who has somehow missed the brilliant blog should immediately head over there to sample its treasures in depth!

    In addition, bolingo69 has also posted on his blog one of Debu's LPs from 1977. This artist has only been rarely recorded over the past 50 years:

  3. There are at least 3 CDs on a label out of New York. I will check with my confidential sources to find out how reliable that particular label has been with paying musicians their promised royalties before I post a link to purchase those.

    If my readers are at all interested in seeing musicians benefit from recordings they should always try to buy directly from the artist, especially at a show (when they are touring, cash is especially helpful).

  4. Great maestro. Thank you for uploading!

  5. Please re-up this one! Thanks!