December 9, 2017

Hariprasad Chaurasia: live recording broadcast on French radio in 2005

Here is a recording from a broadcast in 2005 by French radio of two pieces by Hari ji. Unfortunately, the second piece is missing the ending because of problems experienced by the original recorder (as described below). Unfortunately, this is all we have of this concert.

This set was broadcast as part of a concert which also featured Girija Devi (which was recently posted here).

Hariprasad Chaurasia: bansuri
Sunil Avchat: bansuri
Vijay Ghate: tabla
Bhavani Shankar: pakhawaj
Julia Horman: tanpura

The original info file as I received it is as follows:

Hariprasad Chaurasia: bansuri 
live at Theatre de la Ville 
Paris, France.
September 18, 2005

France Musique FM broadcast
December 06, 2005
2005-12-06 recording and 2005 seed by museum64

November 2017 reseed:
Sector-boundary errors, 
dropouts and a few clicks repaired
and volume adjustments made;
originally seeded with a full set by Gijira Devi;
reseeded separately.  

Morning Ragas from Northern India

52:38 minutes 


01 unknown title 34:40
02 unknown title 17:55

Hariprasad Chaurasia: bansuri (wooden flute) 
Sunil Avchat: bansuri 
Vijay Ghate: tabla
Bhavani Shankar: pakhawaj or flute
Julia Horman: tampura

original taper's notes:
* a few flaws here and there . 
* The stream felt down at cd2 track2 because of a phone call (?) 
so it's not the complete broadcast (about 4-5 mn missed).
* A better and complete recording will be welcome.
* don't take a freebox for tv/radio unless you live in a phone central.

Source : FM
Adsl Freebox Modem > Coaxial cable > MD Recorder > 
Analog cable > SBLive! > HDD > WAV to FLAC
recorded and uploaded by museum64:) ENJOY !!!

more details in french here >>>


Sector-boundary errors, 
dropouts and a few clicks repaired with volume adjustments;  
new FLAC-8 files and checksum files created 
and this info file revised; original info file included.

Thanks again to museum64 for this recording.

a zootype reseed November 2017



  1. Great web site you've there.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the upload. I am not an expert on Ragas but familiar enough. The first track is Raga Charukeshi. The second track sounds like Raga Shuddh Sarang.

    Thank you for all your uploads.