February 16, 2018

Jnan Prakash Ghosh and VG Jog: Jugalbandi [EASD 1434] an LP recorded and released in India in 1985

The music on this LP is extremely tuneful, serious yet joyful at the same time. Also, I would say that on a strictly audiophile level, this is one of the best-recorded EMI/HMV LPs I've yet heard. The tabla sounds natural for once. The detail is quite amazing. Close listeners will at times notice the faint sound of fingers landing on the keys of the harmonium just before the sound is released, and the violin sounds are up close and earthy.

In addition, because this LP was one of many I have purchased new and unplayed on Discogs from my friend and fellow blogger Tawfiq, the condition of the LP and cover were immaculate. Indian manufacturers of LPs often utilized worn stampers which were used so many times per hour that there was not an appropriate time allowed for them to cool properly. There is no evidence of that kind of practice in this wonderful album.

I have posted a few VG Jog LPs in the past, and there are two more to come. 

violin: VG Jog 
harmonium: Jnan Prakash Ghosh
tabla: Sanjoy Mukherjee

side one: Raga Shayam Kalyan with compositions in Jhamptaal and Tritaal (24:10)
side two: Raga Jhinjhoti with composition in Sitarkhani (23:50)

Equipment used in transfer: 
Preparation: Ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes in pure clean water
Turntable:  Audio-technica AT-LP-1240
Cartridge: Audio-technica AT440MLb
Pre-amplification: Vintage refurbished Pioneer SX-780.
Recorder: Sony PCM-M10 at 24bit/96kHz resolution
Software: AudacityClickRepairand xAct


  1. Richard, I just finished listening to Side 1 (Raga Jhinjhoti) and am again astounded by the both the magical performances and the wonderful job you have done in transferring the vinyl. As always, special thanks for the 24 bit files.

    The interplay of violin, harmonium, and tabla is mesmerizing.

    I will treasure this recording. Thank you!!!


    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I certainly am, too!

  2. Dear Richard,
    Thanks for this wonderful LP. I have never seen this earlier. SO enjoyed more.

  3. Cannot wait to hear this. Thanks for the extra effort with your vinyl rips....they are harder to do well than plain old CDs!
    Miraculous blog.