May 22, 2018

Aashish Khan and Pranesh Khan: live in Eugene, Oregon on 2012-04-15

This is a concert (the third of four that I am going to upload this week) featuring Aashish Khan on Sarod with his brother Pranesh Khan on tabla. There is a little bit more explaining than usual for such concerts and I found the commentary interesting.

April 15, 2012
Beall Concert Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 

Aashish Khan: sarod
Pranesh Khan: tabla
Doug Scheuerell: tanpura
Josh Feinberg: tanpura

Track listing:
101 Introductory remarks
102 Raga Bhimpalasi Alap
103 Remarks from stage
104 Compositions in teentaal
201 Remarks from stage
202 Tabla solo 
203 Remarks from stage
204 Raga Bhairavi 

Total time: 104 minutes

recorded from the audience using a pair of DPA 4061 microphones


  1. Thanks a lot Richard for this recording!

  2. Many thanks Richard.

    1. Hello Richard!

      I am really really thankful to you for all the music you are sharing on this blog. Being an Indian, I even do not know these many artists and their lovely collections. My words are not enough to thank a passionate American who is so deeply in love with Indian music. I appreciate your great contribution to the world of music lovers.

      Thank you again,