May 26, 2018

Nayan Ghosh and Yogesh Samsi: live in Austin and Houston (Texas) on their 2001 tour

Nayan Ghosh: sitar
Yogesh Samsi: tabla

Excerpts from concerts in:
Houston, Texas, USA on June 30, 2001
Austin, Texas, USA on July 01, 2001
soundboard (straight from the mixing board) recordings

Total time: 79:14 minutes

01 Raga Poorvi 2001-07-01 (56:56)
Composition in Vilambit (slow tempo) 
Composition in Drut (fast tempo)
02 Raga Sohini 2001-06-30 (13:01)
03 Baul Song 2001-06-30 (9:14)

Nayan Ghosh happens to be the nephew of legendary flautist Pannalal Ghosh. Of somewhat more interest is that he has a dual career as both a sitarist and a tabla player. 

The original seeder's notes (presented as a courtesy to the taper -- his opinions are his own):
"Terms of use: These files are intended for non-commercial use for music lovers  and may be freely traded or given away provided that (a) all the files including this one are included and (b) they are not converted to any lossy format such as mp3. Any commercial use is prohibited and will result in the copyright holder pursuing legal action against the violator(s).

"Nayan Ghosh is one of the best amongst is his generation of sitar players that include Shahid Parvez Khan and Buddhaditya Mukherjee. Of the three, his playing is the most soulful and conveys a high-level of emotion.  Indian music is based on playing vocal compositions. Pandit Ghosh learnt vocal and tabla from his father, Padmabhushan Pandit Nikhil Ghosh.

"I am seeding a CD's worth of material that I listen to all the time consisting of material from Houston, TX (June 30, 2001) and Austin, TX (July 1, 2001). I had been after Pandit Ghosh for a long time to get me a quality recording of the last two pieces of this collection and in Houston he not only played them but gave an inspired performance. The first piece, presented in 3 movements, was a raga I had not heard him play before and has quickly become one of my favorites.

Accompanying on tabla is Yogesh Samsi, a disciple of Taranath Rao (who taught at Cal Arts) and Alla Rakha who is Zakir Hussain's father).

Please support the artist as he does tour the USA regularly and has several CDs out. Check out his CD on Raga Records ( which is available on Amazon or from Raga.

SBD->DAT->Soundforge->CD-R->EAC->FLAC 8 w/align on sector boundaries

Editing Notes: Because Indian music involves a lot of tuning and the pieces are each very long, I edit so that only the music remains to allow the most music to fit on each CD."


  1. Many thanks Richard for sharing this great recording.

  2. Hey Richard, this is a really nice live recording... sounds high quality and really enjoyable.. as always, thanks so much.

  3. Couldn't you give us the option of MP3 like you always do?

    Thank you for these rare live recordings.

    1. Hi Sellene. That is an excellent and fair question. It is a bit of a delicate issue because these are not my recordings and I share them only as long as others share with me first.

      Now, with that said, I should let you know that there is almost 100% agreement within the community of people who share unofficial live recordings that posting mp3 versions of the recordings is to be avoided. The reasoning goes something like: "if some blogger shares my recording as an mp3, this then might be burned to a CD or somehow else converted back to WAV and this will greatly diminish the quality of the recording, without there being any way to know for sure if this conversion/reconversion has happened." And so I respect their wishes.

      I'll always provide an mp3 version if it is my recording. I apologize if this inconveniences you or uses up extra bandwidth that you may need to pay for.

  4. This was my recording. I recorded on DAT. Both artists stayed with me in Dallas (he played Jhinjhoti in Dallas). After performing in Dallas on Friday, I drove them to Houston (Saturday) and then to Austin (Sunday).

    1. Thank you very much for recording and sharing this file which has appeared several times on the "Dimeadozen" torrent site. I hope you have more recordings and that you will be able to share them on an appropriate forum. The available outlets for hearing such music gets smaller every year.