August 30, 2020

Vilayat Khan and Avtar Singh: live performance in Montreal, recorded in 1978

Here is a 145 minute recording of Vilayat Khan and Avtar Singh performing in Montreal, Canada in 1978.

This originally surfaced in 2004 on an online torrent site devoted to live recordings. It was later reposted there with some adjustments in 2015. That is when I obtained the recording. A few days ago I made some very small adjustments to the sound (almost all in the first track) to bring out the best aspects of this performance. Hopefully some day the original reel-to-reel recording will be made available to the public. Until then we have this digital transfer of a cassette copy made of the original tape.

Ustad Vilayat Khan - sitar and vocals
Avtar Singh - tabla
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 30, 1978

soundboard recording, unknown taper

2004 transfer and seed by (unknown)

May 2015 reseed:
Retracked with minor repairs and volume adjustments

01 Raga Marwa 57:17
02 Raga Bageshri 62:05
03 Raga Bhairavi 26:46

SBD -> reel to reel -> cassette -> Sound Forge -> CD-R -> EAC ->
FLAC 8 w/align on sector boundaries


  1. Hi Richard - since you have posted some works of this fine artist before, here is an interesting LP of his.

    1. Hi PP! If you have WAV or FLAC files of those Vilayat Khan 78s you posted on YouTube a few days ago, I would love to try my hand at restoring them a little. Let me know!

  2. Thanks again- always grateful for your postings.